Our aim at Sydney Film School is to develop well-rounded people, courageous in their endeavours, curious and open to life’s marvels and compassionate in their dealings with one another and the greater world.

We are bound together in our project through our love of stories, our desire to understand and celebrate their place in the human experiment and the planet we share.

We wish to build a spirit of encouragement and support through a network that extends to an international community of students, graduates, teachers, filmmakers, distributors, festivals, audiences and friends.


We embrace these three core values:

to break the mould
to embrace risk
to reveal something crucial of yourself
to deal with failure and try again
to confront difficult themes/subjects
to laugh at what others find serious (or vice versa)
to shoot for the moon

about the human condition at large
about your fellow man/woman
about the way things work (science?)
about the lessons of the past
about the new models/paths the future offers
about new technology

for your fellow man across the universe
for the person next door
to feel sorrow or pity for the sins/injustices of the world at large