John Hresc

John has forged the sounds of musicians, filmmakers, and multimedia professionals for more than 25 years. His experience embraces everything from recording bands and sound designing films to sound mixing for free-to-air and pay TV.

During the mid-1980s he worked as a freelancer in many of Australia’s iconic recording studios. He has engineered almost 100 albums and singles all originally released on vinyl.

In the mid-1990s John entered the role of Senior Audio Operator at Fox Sports. Two years later he transferred to Foxtel, working with all its affiliate cable channels. This period saw him sound mixing Foxtel TV programs and promotional packages.

After 11 years at Foxtel John moved on to work as a sound mixer for SBS and Networks Seven, Nine and Ten. In January 2013 he began the boutique sound production studio that is now called Sydney Sound Brewery.