Spreading the joy of filmmaking to all

'Hard of Hearing? Find Inclusive Courses in Australia' features a range of inclusive activities within Australian for anyone with a hearing loss. As social isolation can sometimes result from hearing loss, this article is a great example of ways the hard of hearing can get involved in activities they enjoy and their community at large. At Sydney Film School, our community is compassionate, diverse and accepting and communication barriers are overcome because they must.

What will you learn with us? All the skills and knowledge that will allow you to fully express yourself through film! We go in-depth, exploring the full process of filmmaking and visual storytelling, including the writing and pitching stage through to the recording and editing in our Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media courses. Each is one-year of highly engaging, hands-on, inspiring work. Our focus is on doing. This isn’t a theory-heavy course, but one that will get you involved straight away. You’ll love applying your artistry in creating something you can be proud of, leaving you feeling absolutely inspired, and quite possibly with a load of new friends. You’ll also have access to the knowledge and skills necessary to help forge a successful career in the film industry.

Our model is one that encourages creative expression and gives you real filmmaking experience. The school is set up as a working film production house that makes around 180 short films a year. Our students are the filmmakers. It is an intense learning experience but one that results in our graduates leaving us with somewhere up to 20 film credits at the end of their time with us.

For the hard of hearing, we can offer special support to accommodate any specific learning needs. We’re committed to providing a compassionate, accepting environment in which communication barriers can be easily overcome – whether our students speak a foreign language or sign language.

If you have a passion for film, we encourage you to step behind the camera with us. Any age, any language, any ability; let’s tell a story through film.