Lucy Gaffy Wins Directorial Attachment

Sydney Film School Thesis teacher, Lucy Gaffy has been awarded a directors attachment on the upcoming CJZ television drama, "Bond".
The Directors Attachment Scheme is an initiative by Screen Australia which "recognizes and supports promising new drama directors who wish to direct feature films and TV drama series". In this initiative, the Australian Directors Guild teams up with Screen Australia and television production companies to be attached to certain upcoming films or TV shows and provide an unique opportunity for upcoming directors to learn and grow on the set. 
Lucy has been given the opportunity to work alongside Mark Joffe during his production of "Bond", a director she has long admired. Joffe has directed such television series as "A Place Called Home" and "Jack Irish", and films including "The Matchmaker", "Cosi" and "The Man Who Sued God". His production of the biopic "Bond" will tell the life story of one of Australia's most controversial figures, Alan Bond and his journey from rags to riches.
Lucy has been chosen for this attachment based on her years of impressive work in the industry. Her past directorial work has included the short films, "The Love Song of Iskra Prufrock", "The Fence", "The Gift" and "Dream Baby". She earned a Best Short Fiction Film AFI nomination for her short, "The Love Song of Iskra Prufrock" in 2010.

Congratulations Lucy! 

by Nicole Newton-Plater