Important Dates


School Tours

If you are interested in visiting our School we would love to show you around our studios on a private tour. To book your visit to Syndey Film School at a time convenient to you either email us at or call (02) 8399 3380. 


Application Dates

We are now accepting applications for our 2019 February & July Diploma and Advanced Diploma course intakes.

Places on both courses are limited so to secure an offer of a place, please make sure your applications are with us as soon as possible. 

Course Start Dates

Every year Sydney Film School accepts two intakes for the Diploma and Advanced Diploma.

Feb 2019 intake & July 2019 intake. 

Festival Dates

Twice yearly at the end of each semester, Sydney Film School runs the SFS Film Festival to celebrate the completion of the semester’s productions. The festival takes place at the Randwick Ritz and Events Cinema George Street in Sydney.

29th Festival – 12 December 2018 - Randwick Ritz

29th Festival – 13 December 2018 - Events Cinema George Street

Calendar for 2018








Semester 1

Monday 19 Feb

Friday 6 July

20 weeks

28th Festival

4-5 July





Semester 2

Monday 30 July

Friday 14 Dec

20 weeks

29th Festival

12-13 December

summer break


Semester 1

Monday 18 Feb

Friday 5 July

20 weeks

30th Festival

3-4 July