Looking for Crew?

Our students and alumni welcome the opportunity to work on projects that will build on their skills and perhaps even pay their bills! While students are very busy with their coursework, some are available over the occasional weekend and in our summer break over Xmas and January. SFS alumni have practical skills in all aspects of filmmaking.

If you would like us to promote your project to our student, alumni & staff network, please provide mmota@sydneyfilmschool.com with the following details:

1. Company Name (or your name)
2. Project Name
3.  (Short Film, Feature Film, Music Video, Commercial, Documentary Short, Documentary Feature ...)
4. (Cinematographer, Gaffer, Sound Recordist, Editor)
5. Paid/Not Paid Position.
6. Gear Provided?
7. Date Start
8. Date End

9. Approx hours per day
10. Location
11. Short paragraph detailing the offer (could include project synopsis / description)
12. Who should they contact if interested? (provide contact details)
13. Indicate Due Date to Apply (if applicable)