Film Distribution

If a tree falls in the forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound?  If a film is made and nobody sees it, is it a film? The final and arguably the most important stage of a films life is when it is screened before an audience. After the long gestation of Development, Pre Production, Production and Post Production the film takes wing in the mind of the audience and the story lives.” 
Says Katharine Thornton – SFS Graduate, Distribution Manager, Sharmill Films


In addition to the screening of all Sydney Film School films and documentaries at it’s popular and tremendously successful Sydney Film School Festival, Sydney Film School operates its own highly regarded and internationally recognised distribution arm. As Sydney Film School is one of Australia’s highest generators of short film and documentary content, the school actively submits student films and documentaries to festivals, broadcasters and distributors nationally and around the world.

Sydney Film School films and documentaries have been seen at many national and international festivals and broadcasted in most major territories. 

If you are looking for short film and/or documentary content you can get in touch with our distribution arm by emailing
Distribution Manager:
Manuel Mota
+61 2 9698 2244