Australia has a modern communications network and it will be easy to contact family and friends locally or in your home country.

Public payphones accept coins and credit cards and are available in airports, post offices, railway stations, shopping centres and in the central city. Local calls are untimed and cost 60 cents from a payphone if you use coins. Long-distance and international calls are charged per minute.

A home phone (land line) can be rented from a number of telephone service providers in Australia. Calls from a home phone cost 30c for a local call. Interstate and international calls are timed and cost more per minute.

There is also a wide range of overseas phone cards available that offer cheap call rates to land lines and cell phones - these cards can be purchased from most newsagencies and convenience stores.

Mobile Phone Services
Mobile phone services are available from a range of telephone companies. They offer a wide range of phones and payment options. Depending on the network in your home country, you may be able to connect your existing mobile phone to an Australian network by installing a new SIM card. Mobile call costs may be more expensive than fixed line calls.

You can buy a number of mobile phone plans in Sydney. They are available on arrival at Sydney International Airport.

Many students find it easier to purchase pre-paid mobile phone packages to budget for telephone costs.

Internet and Email

Sydney Film School provides free internet and email services to enrolled students. Internet cafes that provide internet services at low rates are easy to find in city areas. The internet can also be connected at your Australian house or apartment address by contacting an internet service provider.

Postal services

Australia Post is the national postal service. Australia Post delivers letters and cards to your residential address. Small and large parcels addressed to you are kept at your local post office, and you are notified by card to collect and sign for the parcel.

You can also purchase a post office box at any post office and your mail is collected at the box. A small fee is charged for post office boxes and you have a key to unlock the box at any time.

Stamps for local and international postage, envelopes, packing boxes and cards can be purchased at Australia Post offices.

Australia Post offices are open Monday to Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm, and many offices are also open Saturday 9:00am-Noon.

It is easy to send letters or packages to your family in your home country. Australia Post delivers letters and parcels by airmail to most countries within one week. Letters and parcels sent within Australia usually take 1-2 days to be delivered. You can also pay many bills with cash, BPay or debit (EFTPOS) cards at any post office.