Home Stay / Furnished Accommodation

Please note that Sydney Film School does not have on-campus accommodation. 

Boarding houses range from fairly large commercial properties to average sized houses run by private citizens.  Accommodation available includes full board, rooms with use of facilities, or rooms only.  Students can expect to pay $220 (AUD) to $380 (AUD) per week for a single or shared room in a Boarding House. Once settled in Australia, students may wish to share rented accommodation. Rental properties are advertised on the internet through various website including the following links:

Hostel Accommodation

Hostels provide a friendly, safe, supervised environment. You get your own room or a shared room with communal facilities such as dining room, games room and television room. Many hostels also provide meals. Share rooms cost around A$30 - A$35 per night and private rooms A$60 - A$100 per night.

Sharing a House

Sharing a house or apartment gives you more independence than homestay or hostel accommodation. However, you will need to provide your own furniture (if the house/apartment is unfurnished) and linen. You share the cost of rent, telephone, electricity and gas. You need to buy your own food and do your own laundry and cooking (although many sharing arrangements include sharing the cooking).

Renting by yourself or with others

Studio or one-bedroom apartments are smaller and less expensive to rent than larger apartments. You'll need to provide your own furniture (if the house/apartment is unfurnished), pillows, sheets and blankets and pay for expenses such as electricity, gas, and telephone. You'll also need to clean your apartment, do your own laundry, buy your own food and do your own cooking. Costs depend on the size and location of the apartment or house.

Some estimated costs for Sydney are:

  • 1 bedroom apartment / flat $200 - $400 (AUD) per week
  • 2 bedroom apartment / flat $260 - $600 (AUD) per week
  • 2 / 3 bedroom house $450 - $750 (AUD) per week
  • Sharing an unfurnished bedroom with other persons $175 (AUD) to $250 (AUD) per week per person.

Rental accommodation also requires the payment of a bond which equates to one month's rent.  Most renters are also required to pay their rent two weeks in advance.