Living in Sydney


Sydney is Australia’s largest internationally recognisable city. The city is famous for its beautiful harbour, its weather, its ethnic diversity and its large areas of bushland and national parks. Our major landmarks include the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House.  Sydney offers a very modern, friendly and vibrant lifestyle, and exceptional leisure, transport and telecommunication facilities.

Sydney is home to approximately 4.5 million people. It has a very large international student population as well as a diverse cultural population that caters to every community.

The weather in Sydney is generally mild enough to allow a year-round outdoor lifestyle. The seasons in Australia are opposite to the northern hemisphere. Summer occurs at the start and end of the year and winter is in the middle of the year.

Bondi Beach - New South Wales

Season     Months                                 Average Temp
Summer    December - February       18˚C - 32˚C
Autumn    March - May                       11˚C - 25˚C
Winter       June - August                      6˚C - 16˚C
Spring        September - November   10˚C - 24˚C