Can I study part time?

Part Time study is an option for Australian citizens enrolled in the Diploma of Screen and Media (CUF51015) Course. The Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media (CUF60615) course does not offer Part Time study option.

International students can only study Full Time due to study visa requirements.

Part-time Diploma of Screen and Media (CUF51015) students can finish their course over a period of 2 years (4 semesters) with average face to face class times of around 10 hours/week.

The timing of classes will depend on how many students are enrolled in your group - as we try to keep the practical class sizes to 10-12, classes are often repeated 2 or 3 times/week. If there are enough students interested we offer night time classes to cater for students who work full or part-time or even just for the night owls. We do at times schedule classes/specialization electives on weekends, to cater for the industry professionals who teach the electives.